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U.S. Foreign Military Sales Tracker

Type the name of a country into the search box to view U.S. arms sales between 2001-2015 What are Foreign Military Sales (FMS) ? FMS is the primary process through which the U.S. Government sells weapons to the governments of other countries. In conducting FMS, the Department of Defense (DoD) acts largely as a brok er between foreign governments and U.S. arms manufacturers. The defense ministries of foreign governments submit a Letter of Request (LoR), which the U.S. State Department reviews. If approved, a DoD agency called the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) mediates negotiations between the applicant and the contractor, levying a commission on the sale to finance its own operations. As such, the FMS program is operated at no net cost to taxpayers, but is slightly more expensive than private arms sales(Ibid). Once a request is approved by the DoD and DoS, it is sent to Congress for final approval. If the sale is successful, U.S. military personnel