Research Methods (MPhil in Development Studies)

Below is a lecture I delivered to the 2021 cohort of the MPhil in Development Studies at the Oxford Department for International Development. The scope of the lecture was to introduce students to the potential uses of Geographic Informaiton Systems (GIS) for research in the social sciences. I draw on my own PhD research as an example for the first 15 minutes, before moving into more general applications of GIS. These include types and sources of geospatial data, dominant analytical approaches (e.g descriptive statistics, econometrics, machine learning), and finally the various platforms and programming languages used for GIS. The latter 30 minutes are a question and answer period. 

Non-Violent Resistance Movements (BA History and Politics)

During Hilary Term of 2020 I taught a course titled "Non-Violent Resistance Movements" for the B.A. in History and Politics degree at Wadham College, Oxford. I designed a syllabus which covered a broad range of theoretical and empirical work on civil resistance, marked weekly essays, and rooted tutorial discussions in historical and contemporary case studies of revolutions and uprisings.  


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